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Rough Natural Peridot Fine Silver Earrings, August Birthstone, Peridot Post Earrings, Raw Peridot Studs


Natural peridot stones set in a fine silver claw setting. Post earrings have a 925 sterling silver ear nut attached to secure earrings. These stones are mined in Pakistan. The color of these stones are so pretty and do not have the yellow green in them like Arizonia peridot. This is my favorite color for Peridot. These are nice size stones and make a beautiful focal stone on the ear.

Stone: Raw natural Peridot

Setting: fine silver claw setting

Length: 6mm

Width: 6mm

Depth: 3mm

Fine Silver does not require cleaning like sterling silver because it is pure. You are also less likely to have a reaction to fine silver because of it's purity.

Peridot is a healing stone that represents compassion and understanding.

August birthstone.

All rough stones are unique so the stones are close but not exact like faceted stones. Their imperfections are what makes them so beautiful! I buy stones that come direct from mines all over the world. Some stones will have beryl inclusions,opaque appearance, or clear crystal appearance depending on the stones. You will receive exact item in photos. If your looking for a faceted stone look with factory made settings then this is not the jewelry for you.

Packaged in 3 1/2"x 3 1/2" box with Rough Elements label and description of stones, metals and where the rough gem stones are mined from. Photos of packaging is listed in above photos.

Care: These are natural stones and should be handled with care. You can gently clean the metals with baking soda and a toothbrush. Do not place natural stones in chemical jewelry cleaners. Some stones do not react well to chemical cleaners and can alter the finishes on oxidized metals.

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