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Ethiopian Welo Opal Sterling Silver Pendant, October Birthstone


Stunning natural Ethiopian Welo Opal with beautiful color play. This opal is from the mines in Africa. This is a aged opal so you do not have to worry about inclusions or cracks occurring over time. It is a 8 mm round stone set in a sterling silver prong setting with a very pretty 20" sterling box chain.

Colors of opal: Blues,pinks, yellow, green, purple and touches of fire orange.

Stone Size: 8 mm round, 2 carats

Care: Opals are a softer stone and cannot take a lot of abuse. I will not make rings out of opals for that reason. Opals also take on water so do not submerge in water. Should this happen let it dry natural and colors should come back. Never put opals in chemical cleaners. You can clean your pendant by wiping with a soft damp cloth.

Packaging: Packaged in a pretty upscale burlap box with magnetic closure. Sleeve has label and description of stone and mine.

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