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Blue Hydrangea Oil Painting, Hydrangea Oil Impasto Floral Painting


Soft Hydrangea's in a vase. This is a custom painting of hydrangea's in a vase. The oil impasto gives the flowers a raised look.

Choose your size and I will do a beautiful painting of your favorite Hydrangea's. The one in the photo is a painting I just finished for a customer with whites, blues and a touch of lavender.

You can choose just one color or mix your Hydrangeas with pink, purple. whites and blues.

How to order: Choose your size that best fits your space and fits your budget. Choose your canvas type. Studio for framing or gallery for hanging directly to the wall. Choose your colors.

Place in notes your color choices 

I will send you photos of your new painting for your approval should you want to make changes before the painting dries. Allow two weeks for painting to be completed and shipped.

Reviews on my work:http://www.kenziescottage.com/content/reviews

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