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Aquamarine Raw Stone Fine Silver Bypass Ring,Size 7 1/2 "can be resized" March Birthstone, Engagement Ring, Birthstone Ring


Beautiful Aquamarine in a hand tooled free form branch setting of 999 fine silver. Perfect for alternative engagement ring, promise ring or anniversary. Birthstone for March.

Stone: Raw natural Aquamarine

Size: 7 1/2 ( Can be resize down or up one size) just send me a convo with the size your needing

Stone: Measurements: Approx. 2 carat stone

Band width 3mm Band thickness: 3mm

Band and Setting Type: Branch-Twig


Fine silver does not turn as quickly as sterling does and is .999 silver. Even when fired it stays silver where sterling turns black. Sterling has copper in it so it turns quickly. It is a much better quality than sterling. Fine silver VS Plated silver or electroformed: Plated silver is small amounts of particles that attach to a base metal where 999 silver is the purest silver made.

Packaged in pretty burlap box with magnetic claso with Rough Elements label and description of stones, metals and region where the rough gem stones are mined.

Care: These are natural stones and should be handled with care. You can gently clean the metals with baking soda or dawn soap and a soft cloth. Do not place natural stones in chemical jewelry cleaners. Some stones do not react well chemical cleaners and can alter finishes on metals.

Rough stones sit higher on the finger so it is easier to pull a prong on your ring. Rough stone jewelry should not be worn during chores and cleaning. Treat with care and your ring will be beautiful for years to come.

International Shipments: Please check with your country before purchasing if fine metals and gemstones can be shipped into your country. I will not lie on customs forms.

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