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Strawberry Quartz Fine Silver Studs, Strawberry Quartz Earrings, Red Fire Quartz Studs

in: Studs



Stawberry Quatz in it's natural form is such a beautiful stone. Do not confuse these beautiful natural stones as synthetic fruit stones which is sometimes sold as Strawberry quartz. These natural stones are set in a cabochon fine silver setting with a sterling silver post and earnut. You will love fine silver over sterling because it doesn't oxidize like sterling does so it doesn't require cleaning as often. These stones have a soft feel to them and are known as stones of love, compassion and balance.

Shape : Round

Cut : Cabochon

Origin : Brazil

Color : Pink

Clarity : Included

Size : 6.00 X 6.00 mm

Hardness : 7.00

Treatment : Heated

About Strawberry Quartz.

Quartz with red inclusions of iron oxide is more rarely found, and is often sold under the name strawberry quartz or "red fire" quartz. Some specimens have very fine inclusions that are only visible under magnification, lending the quartz a more or less uniformly strawberry color. Others have clearly visible inclusions and may appear as clear quartz with reddish needles, flakes or spangles.

Strawberry quartz is most often found in Russia and in neighboring regions such as Kazakhstan, as well as in Brazil.

Gift boxed in a pretty box for gift giving.