Happy Holidays!!!

 A special thanks to my new and existing customers who have been so faithful to my art since 2012. Welcome to my website! I will be combining both my Etsy shops (Rough Elements & Kenzies Cottage) here so you can purchase items in one location. All new products and art will be added here instead of my Etsy stores as of May 1, 2021.  You can purchase any item you like through PayPal!


Sage and Thyme Eco Resin Sterling Silver Ring, Herbal Dried Flower Ring


Sage has been know throughout history for healing, wisdom, virtue and goodness. The holistic properties of thyme are to inspire good health, courage and protection. I grow these herbs in my garden and I decided to put these two herbs together in this cute earth tone ring.

The herbs and butterfly flower are set in a sterling silver bezel and embedded in eco resin with a sterling silver smooth band. Great to wear with earth tones or for feeling protected if your believe in holistic properties.

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