A special thanks to my new and existing customers who have been so faithful to my art since 2012. Welcome to my website! I will be combining both my Etsy shops (RoughElements & Kenzies Cottage) here so you can purchase items in one location. All new products and art will be added here instead of my Etsy stores as of May 1, 2020.  You can purchase any item you like through PayPal!


Original Watercolor, Turkey Feathered Nest Original Print,Watercolor Feather Print, Turkey Nest Watercolor, Tribal Watercolor


Archival print of my original watercolor of a turkey nest and feathers. Open Edition Print.

Printed on archival fine watercolor paper.

The 8x10 and 5x7 are both centered and printed on 81/2 x 11.00 archival watercolor rag paper so you can enlarge painting with matting and framing, Watercolor rag paper is beautiful and gives the print the look of a original watercolor.

Colors: Gray, Gray Blues, Raw umbers, burnt umbers,turquoise, aqua blues. blacks and white

Watermark will not appear on original.

Ships international. Packaged in archival clear sleeve and braced with cardboard photo envelope. Ships flat!

I am a award winning artist and has been published by national magazines. My work is collected by private collectors nationally and internationally. Thank you so much for collecting my work!!

All Right Reserved to TammyAllmanArt. This image cannot be used in any form without license from artist. Copyrights extend international.