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I was really excited about having a blog on my new website and wanted my first blog to be fun and happy but unfortunately that is not the case. These last few days have been very tough for many original artist including myself. Online artist spend massive time creating product, promoting on social media, getting the perfect photo and working on our stores. A few nights ago I decided to see how my social media was working and was doing multiple searches on Google and ran across one of my images. When I clicked on it the link went to a shop I had never seen before and definitely my website, not my Etsy shop or my Amazon shop. After looking through the site I realized it was filled with all stolen art by many artist that I was familiar with and a few were friends. That is when you get that sinking feeling that hurts your stomach and makes you want to cry. Then those emotions passed and then you just get down right pissed off. This Chinese site had a beautiful site filled with beautiful art and every piece was stolen from the original artist. I spent hours trying to contact the artist and running images through Google Image to find the real artist so I could contact them to let them know that their work had been stolen also.

What to do now???????????????????

I contacted my brother for help, who is a attorney and his company has offices in China. His first suggestion was to contact Google legal and have them remove the links to my paintings. Google was amazing and had the links broken within 24hrs for myself and the artist I could find. I have a huge respect for Google and after this will never use another search engine. We all banded together and investigated the four sites this guy has out of Xinbaijia, China. I won't give you his name, phone # or address but will be happy to give it to any of the other artist that are victims of his theft to give to their attorneys or to file legal claims with this guys web host and domain. I am listing below the sites of all the stolen works and I am begging consumers not to buy from these thieves. If your wanting the painting in the image then I would go directly to the artist because chances are your not going to get the painting you order from this site.

All Work Is Stolen On These Sites

This is this thiefs social media accounts. Asking everyone to file complaints and take downs for your art from this guys sites:

Sites Stealing Jewelry from Etsy Artist:



I will continue to update these sites as they arise.

THESE ARE THE REAL ARTIST WEBSITE: I would be happy to post your site here also if your work has been stolen by the above sites.


Buying Art Online

Their are many wonderful Chinese artist but the thieves are ruining it for them. You will know when someone is a original artist. They have a certain style that will flow throughout their stores no matter the subject. Unless it is a actual gallery be very careful purchasing from sites that have multiple styles of paintings. You also need to be careful on large venues that allow these sweat shops to set up. If the price is to cheap then there is a reason for that. Chances are your getting a painting off a printing press with paint on top. Also check to see if they have disclosure about it not looking exactly like the photo your purchasing from. Many of these sites give gallery prices and your getting it for the cheap price of ..... Really! Do you honestly think a galleried artist would ever sell their pieces for discount prices. On large venues where shops are showing huge amounts of sales on large paintings that is not always a good thing. Divide their sales by the years they have been in business and then divide their yearly sales by the days of the year. If the amount is showing more than 2-3 large paintings a day you are not getting a original from a artist. Your in a sweat shop site. Their is no way one artist can paint that many paintings in one day and they are pushing it on three paintings a day. The numbers change on small paintings and artist can paint more but not on large paintings. Watch out for two for one advertisement on large paintings for cheap prices. Real artist can't buy paint and canvas for those prices. Your buying junk!  As long as consumers buy from these sites then there are going to  be fewer and fewer original artist selling on line because they can't compete against their own work that is stolen for these cheap prices. Every time you make a purchase from these sites just know your supporting a liar and a thief.

Original Artist Protect Your Work

Artist watermark your photos, spend the money for a C&D letter, Protect your copyrights. There are plenty of photo program that give you the feature for transparent watermarks and Photo Shop will allow you to put invisable watermarks on your work. Umark is also a free program for watermarks.

If Your Work Is Stolen

Contact the website and ask them to remove your work within 24hrs.

For those of you that can't afford a attorney file against their web host, file for link removal from google, write blogs and expose these sites, use their URL name as a tag, add the same tags they do to your blog, and locate the other artist that have had their work stolen. If you have a website start galleries of all your sold work and if it happens to be stolen use the same tags as they do so your website will come up first. Work as a team to put these sites under. At some point I am sure Google is going to get tired of these sites and sink them to never never land. Google has huge power and they can make or break a site. They have better things to do then deal with take down notices. Etsy is great about having shops taken down once you contact their legal department. If your looking for a sites web host or domain just key in the site URL and ask Google for their domain or web host. There are sites that specialize in giving you this information. Do not turn your back on these sites and say there is nothing you can do because you can. It may take a little time but it will be worth it or would you rather see your beautiful work show up at local discount stores or saturated by Chinese theives. Fight Back! I know for every site we get taken down that there will be another started. If we don't fight back our art becomes there's and I am not willing to let that happen. We should all as original artist form a bond and be their worst nightmare not the opposite. Then maybe they will get the hint that they can't steal from us.

Here is the domain register for some of his sites ending in .top to file takedowns: Contact me for name, address and phone# of owner.

.com addresses are through Go Daddy

Report copyright infringement:





Thank you

Thank you for alerting your fellow artists and offering suggestions to discuss courage theft!
Looking forward to following your blog.Live your paintings.


Jan you are a wonderful artist with a amazing shop. I'm excited you are following!!

Theft of our art from FAA

Hi JAN.. im so discouraged to read about this..but I suspected it might be rampant on FAA..

I tried to view the ‚ÄĚthief" sites..they were all removed..

Can I ask? Why isn't FAA Doing something about this? After all.. They make a giant percentage of profit on the quantity of sales from our work. think of the volume!

With today's discount volume printing costs..especially in the Far East.. I believe FAA should be held to the responsibility of protecting our work.

Would you kindly give me a suggestion on "how to see if my work is showing up on other sites"?

I would very much appreciate it..

Banding Together as Artist

Dona just run a google search with key words and see if your work comes up on google search or other search engines. Then follow the links to see where your images go. I posted in my blog above the things you can do to protect yourself should this happen to you. There were many artist affected by the sites I posted in my blog and I am glad to see that they are removed. I will continue to post sites above as they are discovered with stolen art. The problem is when one site gets taken down another comes up so it is important as artist that we all pull together to help each other. Thanks for posting and if you would like to follow the blog I will keep it updated with these sites. Tammy

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